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Summer “Block”busters: X-Men

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This year, the students at Xavier’s school for the gifted are up against their greatest foe ever. Can they unite mutants and humans to save all life on this planet? Find out in June 2017…….

Course Outline: Legos of Life
Guiding Question
How are cells the building blocks of all life?
Cell Models & Games: Stop-motion movie
Key Learning Concepts
  • Cell Needs
  • Cell Structures: Organelles, Selective Permeability
  • Cell Organization
  • Cell Functions
  • Increasing Complexity: Tissues, Organs, Organ Systems, Organisms, Populations, Species etc.

Bonus Video: These 3 Genetic Mutations Can Transform Ordinary People Into Superhumans  (link to Sparkonit)


Author: Jason Atkinson

I write to inspire people to make positive changes, develop their potential and enjoy life to the fullest everyday!

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